Welleth ICO is Live

A blockchain-based healthcare charity platform providing seamless solutions for secure and transparent delivery of medico-financial aid from the donor to the point of need.

The Platform

The Welleth platform integrates solutions which interact synergistically to create a dynamic digital ecosystem which will play a leading part in the future of the donation, healthcare, and cryptocurrency markets. Welleth is a step towards Web 3.0

Welleth Token?

The value of the welleth token is driven by the actions of the donation market, sustained by the cryptocurrency market, and utilized for healthcare charity

The Solutions


The Welleth Campaigns

This includes the personal wallet, campaign wallet, mobile apps, and welleth coin. Powers a new revolutionary digital economy.


The Welleth EHR

A secure digital interface for accredited facilities which ensures health data quality and matches medical cases with active campaigns.


The WellExchange

Hybrid exchange platform to ensure swift transaction between welleth coins, altcoins, and other currencies.

Road Map


Problem identification, ethereal idea & project group formed.


Data analysis, project model & impact simulation.


Strategic partenerships, token sale, token listing & personal wallets.


Adoption summits, campaign wallets & mainnet release.


Impact review, platform evolution & WellExchange live.



Leadership Team

Ifeanyi has a Bachelor's Degree from Yale University and Masters Degree from SOAS. She founded AFRICA SALON, and co-founded FUNCTION UK. Ifeanyi is co-founder and CEO of Welleth.


Didi Nwala

Didi has a BSc in Economics. She founded RONDI, has 6 years experience as a strategic marketer and business consultant for OWNYOURLIFE. She leads the Welleth Marketing Team.


Lyle Chen

Lyle has an LLB from China and an LLM from Singapore. with 5 years experience as a legal manager for BONSAI and legal advisor for APEX, He leads the Welleth Legal and Research Team.


Welleth Partners With Virgo Foundation To Anchor In Africa

In efforts to extend its influence to the African continent as it empowers the world, Welleth has officially partnered with Virgo Foundation, a charity that concerns itself with african culture, environment, and welfare. The partnership will take the objectives of Welleth right to the heart of Africa, and get the continent actively involved in the cryptocurrency market.

Contact Welleth

Welleth E-mail channels are active from 10am till 8pm GMT every day. partner@welleth.org (to discuss a partnership), support@welleth.org (Welleth support team), contact@welleth.org (general enquiries).

Welleth Bounty Campaigns

Fill This Data Form only once to qualify for bounty and airdrops during the Welleth ICO.

Token Listing Votes (Coming Soon)

Some Welleth token listings will be powered by community votes. 1,000,000 WEX reward for all complete votes that have been successfully confirmed.

Community Tokens

Welleth has made 1,500,000,000 WEX available for the community through bounties and airdrops.

Local Communities

The countries with the most ICO participants will get their own local welleth community on telegram to ease communication and translation.


Welleth is a blockchain-based platform that bridges the gap between healthcare charity donors and beneficiaries of healthcare donations. It also rewards members of its community that contribute to growth of the platform

The Welleth ICO starts on 25th OCTOBER 2018, 12:00 AM GMT, and ends on 15th December 2018, 12:00 AM GMT. ICO and Bounty information can be found at the Welleth ICO Page. To be eligible for the bounty campaigns you must fill the bounty form with your community data

Yes, as we progress there will be some platform evolution, whatever new feature that would be added to the platform would be disclosed to the Welleth community.

Driving adoption is never an asy task, however we're working to build partnerships with some charities, health organizations and experts. We also have adoption summits planned for 2019-Q3 to push for widespread adoption per continent, this will be a key factor in the growth of our platform. to further fuel adoption, we will incentivise development with community rewards.

Welleth Tokens will be automatically delivered to your wallet on purchase.

All unsold tokens from the token sale allocation will be burned at the end of the ICO.

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